I am a huge failure and forgot to make a post yesterday, but in my defense I have been the poster child for boredom lately.

I’m currently addicted to the elliptical and the hip adductor machines as Planet Fitness is now my second home. The results are already making me one happy girl and the $20 a month for unlimited gym & tanning are saving me some cash. I’m pretty poor these days. Paying big kid bills like rent and cable are NOT fun - but I do use Hello Kitty stickers to seal the billing envelopes to make the process a bit more exciting.

My job has taught me a lot of useful information. I am now a pro at steaming veggies and heating up GFS dinners. But seriously, I’m learning a lot about how brain injuries affect the thought process and a person’s decision making and about how the placement of the injury has major effects. I’ve learned these things in psychology courses a dozen times but it’s WAY cooler first hand. I’m also learning so much about drugs as I often Google the purpose of the meds I pass to the residents. Some days the job stresses me out and other days I absolutely love it.

I must admit, while I do like my job and adore my apartment, I am getting pretty lonely in Lansing. I’m getting kinda weird. I do way too many Pinterest projects and might have a shopping addiction. But I’ll deal.

I miss you all tons! I’ll probably make a trip home soon.
All my love,